Source code for pptx.dml.line

# encoding: utf-8

"""DrawingML objects related to line formatting."""

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function, unicode_literals

from ..enum.dml import MSO_FILL
from .fill import FillFormat
from ..util import Emu, lazyproperty

[docs]class LineFormat(object): """Provides access to line properties such as color, style, and width. A LineFormat object is typically accessed via the ``.line`` property of a shape such as |Shape| or |Picture|. """ def __init__(self, parent): super(LineFormat, self).__init__() self._parent = parent
[docs] @lazyproperty def color(self): """ The |ColorFormat| instance that provides access to the color settings for this line. Essentially a shortcut for ``line.fill.fore_color``. As a side-effect, accessing this property causes the line fill type to be set to ``MSO_FILL.SOLID``. If this sounds risky for your use case, use ``line.fill.type`` to non-destructively discover the existing fill type. """ if self.fill.type != MSO_FILL.SOLID: self.fill.solid() return self.fill.fore_color
@property def dash_style(self): """Return value indicating line style. Returns a member of :ref:`MsoLineDashStyle` indicating line style, or |None| if no explicit value has been set. When no explicit value has been set, the line dash style is inherited from the style hierarchy. Assigning |None| removes any existing explicitly-defined dash style. """ ln = self._ln if ln is None: return None return ln.prstDash_val @dash_style.setter def dash_style(self, dash_style): if dash_style is None: ln = self._ln if ln is None: return ln._remove_prstDash() ln._remove_custDash() return ln = self._get_or_add_ln() ln.prstDash_val = dash_style
[docs] @lazyproperty def fill(self): """ |FillFormat| instance for this line, providing access to fill properties such as foreground color. """ ln = self._get_or_add_ln() return FillFormat.from_fill_parent(ln)
@property def width(self): """ The width of the line expressed as an integer number of :ref:`English Metric Units <EMU>`. The returned value is an instance of |Length|, a value class having properties such as `.inches`, `.cm`, and `.pt` for converting the value into convenient units. """ ln = self._ln if ln is None: return Emu(0) return ln.w @width.setter def width(self, emu): if emu is None: emu = 0 ln = self._get_or_add_ln() ln.w = emu def _get_or_add_ln(self): """ Return the ``<a:ln>`` element containing the line format properties in the XML. """ return self._parent.get_or_add_ln() @property def _ln(self): return self._parent.ln