Source code for pptx.dml.effect

# encoding: utf-8

"""Visual effects on a shape such as shadow, glow, and reflection."""

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function, unicode_literals

[docs]class ShadowFormat(object): """Provides access to shadow effect on a shape.""" def __init__(self, spPr): # ---spPr may also be a grpSpPr; both have a:effectLst child--- self._element = spPr @property def inherit(self): """True if shape inherits shadow settings. Read/write. An explicitly-defined shadow setting on a shape causes this property to return |False|. A shape with no explicitly-defined shadow setting inherits its shadow settings from the style hierarchy (and so returns |True|). Assigning |True| causes any explicitly-defined shadow setting to be removed and inheritance is restored. Note this has the side-effect of removing **all** explicitly-defined effects, such as glow and reflection, and restoring inheritance for all effects on the shape. Assigning |False| causes the inheritance link to be broken and **no** effects to appear on the shape. """ if self._element.effectLst is None: return True return False @inherit.setter def inherit(self, value): inherit = bool(value) if inherit: # ---remove any explicitly-defined effects self._element._remove_effectLst() else: # ---ensure at least the effectLst element is present self._element.get_or_add_effectLst()