Source code for pptx.dml.chtfmt

# encoding: utf-8

|ChartFormat| and related objects. |ChartFormat| acts as proxy for the `spPr`
element, which provides visual shape properties such as line and fill for
chart elements.

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function, unicode_literals

from .fill import FillFormat
from .line import LineFormat
from ..shared import ElementProxy
from ..util import lazyproperty

[docs]class ChartFormat(ElementProxy): """ The |ChartFormat| object provides access to visual shape properties for chart elements like |Axis|, |Series|, and |MajorGridlines|. It has two properties, :attr:`fill` and :attr:`line`, which return a |FillFormat| and |LineFormat| object respectively. The |ChartFormat| object is provided by the :attr:`format` property on the target axis, series, etc. """
[docs] @lazyproperty def fill(self): """ |FillFormat| instance for this object, providing access to fill properties such as fill color. """ spPr = self._element.get_or_add_spPr() return FillFormat.from_fill_parent(spPr)
[docs] @lazyproperty def line(self): """ The |LineFormat| object providing access to the visual properties of this object, such as line color and line style. """ spPr = self._element.get_or_add_spPr() return LineFormat(spPr)