Source code for pptx.chart.marker

# encoding: utf-8

Marker-related objects. Only the line-type charts Line, XY, and Radar have

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function, unicode_literals

from ..dml.chtfmt import ChartFormat
from ..shared import ElementProxy
from ..util import lazyproperty

[docs]class Marker(ElementProxy): """ Represents a data point marker, such as a diamond or circle, on a line-type chart. """
[docs] @lazyproperty def format(self): """ The |ChartFormat| instance for this marker, providing access to shape properties such as fill and line. """ marker = self._element.get_or_add_marker() return ChartFormat(marker)
@property def size(self): """ An integer between 2 and 72 inclusive indicating the size of this marker in points. A value of |None| indicates no explicit value is set and the size is inherited from a higher-level setting or the PowerPoint default (which may be 9). Assigning |None| removes any explicitly assigned size, causing this value to be inherited. """ marker = self._element.marker if marker is None: return None return marker.size_val @size.setter def size(self, value): marker = self._element.get_or_add_marker() marker._remove_size() if value is None: return size = marker._add_size() size.val = value @property def style(self): """ A member of the :ref:`XlMarkerStyle` enumeration indicating the shape of this marker. Returns |None| if no explicit style has been set, which corresponds to the "Automatic" option in the PowerPoint UI. """ marker = self._element.marker if marker is None: return None return marker.symbol_val @style.setter def style(self, value): marker = self._element.get_or_add_marker() marker._remove_symbol() if value is None: return symbol = marker._add_symbol() symbol.val = value