Source code for pptx.chart.legend

# encoding: utf-8

Legend of a chart.

from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals

from ..enum.chart import XL_LEGEND_POSITION
from ..text.text import Font
from ..util import lazyproperty

[docs]class Legend(object): """ Represents the legend in a chart. A chart can have at most one legend. """ def __init__(self, legend_elm): super(Legend, self).__init__() self._element = legend_elm
[docs] @lazyproperty def font(self): """ The |Font| object that provides access to the text properties for this legend, such as bold, italic, etc. """ defRPr = self._element.defRPr font = Font(defRPr) return font
@property def horz_offset(self): """ Adjustment of the x position of the legend from its default. Expressed as a float between -1.0 and 1.0 representing a fraction of the chart width. Negative values move the legend left, positive values move it to the right. |None| if no setting is specified. """ return self._element.horz_offset @horz_offset.setter def horz_offset(self, value): self._element.horz_offset = value @property def include_in_layout(self): """|True| if legend should be located inside plot area. Read/write boolean specifying whether legend should be placed inside the plot area. In many cases this will cause it to be superimposed on the chart itself. Assigning |None| to this property causes any `c:overlay` element to be removed, which is interpreted the same as |True|. This use case should rarely be required and assigning a boolean value is recommended. """ overlay = self._element.overlay if overlay is None: return True return overlay.val @include_in_layout.setter def include_in_layout(self, value): if value is None: self._element._remove_overlay() return self._element.get_or_add_overlay().val = bool(value) @property def position(self): """ Read/write :ref:`XlLegendPosition` enumeration value specifying the general region of the chart in which to place the legend. """ legendPos = self._element.legendPos if legendPos is None: return XL_LEGEND_POSITION.RIGHT return legendPos.val @position.setter def position(self, position): self._element.get_or_add_legendPos().val = position