Development Practices

Release procedure

  • merge outstanding feature branch(es) into develop
    • $ git checkout develop
    • $ git merge --no-ff {feature-branch}
  • complete release updates
    • update version number in pptx/
    • update (shouldn’t usually be any changes)
    • update, in particular, the release history
    • update doc/index.rst
    • confirm docs compile without errors
    • run all tests (behave, nosetests, tox)
    • create trial distribution (make clean sdist)
    • git commit -m 'Release v0.2.2'
    • merge develop into master
      • $ git checkout master
      • $ git merge --no-ff develop
    • create tag for new version
      • $ git tag -a v0.2.5 -m 'Release version 0.2.5'
  • release uploaded to PyPI
    • upload: make upload
  • synchronize local repo with github
    • $ git push scanny develop
    • $ git push scanny master
    • $ git push --tags
  • docs regenerated
    • trigger regeneration of docs on

Creating a hand-modified package

  • remove file, e.g. /docProps/core.xml
  • remove reference from [Content_Types].xml
  • remove relationship(s) from _rels/.rels or wherever they are


rm -f ../no-core-props.pptx && zip -Dqr ../no-core-props.pptx .

Procedure – Adding a new feature

  • issue added to github issue tracker
  • git feature branch created
  • working analysis documented
  • acceptance test failing (not just raising exceptions)
  • recursively, outside in:
    • unit test failing
    • next level method(s) written
    • unit test passing
  • all tests passing
    • unit
    • acceptance
    • tox
    • visual confirmation of behavior in PowerPoint
  • documentation updated as required
    • API additions
    • example code
  • feature branch committed, rebased if required
  • feature branch merged into develop
    • git flow feature finish paragraph-level
  • changes pushed to github
  • issue closed

Outside-in layers

  • API wrapper method (if applicable)
  • Internal API method
  • objectify manipulation layer
  • perhaps others

Creating slide images for documentation

  • Desired slide created using a test script
  • Zoom slide to 100% with: click on slide, View > Zoom > Zoom... > 100% > OK
  • Screenshot file on desktop using Cmd-Shift-4, Space, click
  • Load into PhotoShop and crop, keeping dark gray border
  • Save as PNG, scaled to 280 x 210px
  • Completed image saved in doc/_static/img/

Acceptance testing with behave

... using behave for now for acceptance testing ...


pip install behave


The behave tutorial is well worth working through.

And this more detailed set of examples and tutorials is great for getting the practicalities down.